Hey there! I'm Mark Rachapoom, a 20-year-old college dropout and former software engineer for a startup in Silicon Valley who can design and build iOS, MacOS, and Website apps.


🌁 Prev, a founding engineer at Monument (http://monument.app), leverages blockchain technologies to discover talent and enable them by creating a crypto primitive to invest in people through their stories and human potential.

🌐 Previously a founding engineer at Serendipity.lol (http://Serendipity.lol), an OS for relationships.

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· A member of the Nonce community (https://nonce.community/).

πŸ“” Creator of Diary Dingo (https://apps.apple.com/app/diary-dingo/id1580242680?platform=iphone), which has been ranked in the top 3 on the App Store worldwide.

🏑 Also built Merce.app (http://merce.app), but shifted focus to Merse.co (https://www.merse.co).

🌁 CS @ San Francisco State University (SFSU)

AI generated comic journaling entry

🌐 https://comic.merse.co

Building in storytelling GenAI that provides platform. It is a frictionless, end-to-end GenAI engine for creating style-consistent storyboards by generating layouts, scenes, and text content to enhance an artist’s storyboarding process. Merse achieves this by enabling artists to train their own personalized generator on first-party training data (that they must own). Intended use cases range from visualizing day to day journaling and blogging for personal usage to enterprise level integrations for rapid storyboarding for Disney+, Pixar, DreamWorks animators.


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