Hey there! I'm Mark Rachapoom, a 20-year-old college dropout and former software engineer for a startup in Silicon Valley who can design and build iOS, MacOS, and Website apps. Currently building Merse (merse.co or mersecompany.com): AngelList and Airbnb for communities — Merse creates tools and streamlines for you to build scalable communities.

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🌁 Prev, a founding engineer at Monument (http://monument.app), leverages blockchain technologies to discover talent and enable them by creating a crypto primitive to invest in people through their stories and human potential.

🌐 Previously a founding engineer at Serendipity.lol (http://Serendipity.lol), an OS for relationships.

🇰🇷 A member of the Nonce community (https://nonce.community/).

📔 Creator of Diary Dingo (https://apps.apple.com/app/diary-dingo/id1580242680?platform=iphone), which has been ranked in the top 3 on the App Store worldwide.

🏡 Also built Merce.app (http://merce.app), but shifted focus to Merse.co (https://www.merse.co).

Paris, France

Paris, France

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Who I am :


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